Energy Saving Tips for Copiers and All-in-One Machines


energy saving tipsWhether it’s to reduce their environmental footprint, or save money on energy costs, businesses are looking for energy saving tips now more than ever. Your copier or multifunctional machine is probably the source of a lot of wasted energy, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

The amount of energy a copier ultimately consumes in a 24-hour period has more to do with how it’s being used than anything else. We’re not necessarily talking about the energy consumed if you were to make a tremendous amount of copies in a day — we’re referring to how the machine is treated when it’s not in use.

General Energy Saving Tips

Power Down Every Night
If you have an older machine that takes several minutes to power down and boot back up again, you may be more inclined to leave the machine on all night rather than going through that process every single day. Well that few minutes you’re saving at the beginning and end of each day could be really driving up your energy bill.

Use the Sleep Mode, if Possible
Copiers have energy saving features similar to laptops and computer monitors. You know how they will go to “sleep” after a while of non-use, well your copier can do that as well. Unless you’re a high-volume user, there’s no reason for your copier to be on all day. If it’s not being used for an hour or two, let it rest. A few hours of “sleep” here and there will save a lot of energy in the long run.

Upgrade Your Old Machine
This is the part where we tell you something you might not want to hear. If you’re using a fairly old copier, the only thing you can do to save energy at this point is to buy a new, energy-efficient model. If your copier draws a lot of energy by design, then the energy saving tips we just laid out above will only make a negligible difference.

All electronics are designed to consume less energy with each new generation, and the same is true for copiers. With that being said, we recommend looking into Sharp’s current line of energy efficient multifunctional machines. Sharp is leading the way in energy efficiency, and we’ll explain a bit more about why that is.

Save Energy With Sharp Copiers

Every one of the issues we mentioned above is addressed by Sharp’s new line of energy saving copiers. For starters they use much less energy by design than most other copiers on the market. Since they draw less current, you’ll be saving money from the get-go.

Second, their boot-up and power-down times are lightning fast. That means the cumbersome process of having to wait for your copier to boot-up every morning can become a thing of the past. We’re certain you’ll be more inclined to shut your copier down at the end of the day when you start using a faster machine.

Third, you can set the energy saving “sleep mode” to trigger faster. To that end, it will also wake from sleep much faster than your previous copier.

As an added bonus, the new Sharp copiers are smaller. They’ll take up less space which leaves you more room for, well, anything you want.  


If you’re looking for any other energy saving tips for your multifunctional machine, which we did not cover in this post, please contact me directly and I’ll be happy to answer your questions. I also welcome you to visit our showroom for a demonstration of the latest energy efficient machines.

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