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fix hp printersOne of the primary services we offer is the ability to fix HP printers. But before you look into getting your HP printer fixed it’s important to know one thing, and we probably shouldn’t even be telling you this, but (depending on the unit you have) sometimes they are just not worth fixing.

We’re more than happy to fix HP printers when it’s worthwhile to do so, but please listen to us for a minute and allow us to explain the situations in which it may not be worth your while.

A lot of HP printers sold these days, typically your ink jet printers and entry level laser jet printers, are inexpensively made, sold at a bargain price, and are basically throwaways. When those break down they’re plain and simply not worth fixing, unless you fancy the idea of spending as much on repairs as your did on the printer itself.

We’re able to fix HP printers of any type, even “throwaway” models, but we recommend that you do the math and consider whether or not its worth it. Often times you’re better off buying a new model.

When It’s Worth It To Fix HP Printers

We typically fix HP printers that are a lot more heavy duty than your ink jet or entry level laser jet models. We specialize in fixing HP printers that are made to do volume printing.

High-volume machines are the kind that, when or if they break down, it’s worth it to bring them in to get fixed by professionals like us. If something goes wrong with your HP printer it will give you a message telling you what needs to be fixed or replaced, that way we’ll know what to bring with us to fix it. This helps speed up the repair time significantly.

We don’t only fix HP printers, we can help you maintain them as well. We carry maintenance kits which include rollers, so we can help you maintain your commercial HP printer and get the most you possibly can out of it during its lifespan.

Speaking of getting more out of your HP printer, we also carry extra yield cartridges so you can extend the amount of time in between changing your cartridge.

We can fix HP printers whenever they break down, no matter where they were purchased from originally, but we also offer service contracts. If you buy directly from us you can get a service contract with your HP printer which will cover the cost of any future repairs.

The service contracts we offer to fix HP printers are similar to a copier service contract in the sense that they include everything from supplies to parts. We offer per-copy contracts on printers, which can also include service on a time and materials basis. That means the time spent servicing your printer, and any new parts it may need, would all be covered.

If you have any other questions about how we fix HP printers, please leave a comment below or get in touch with me directly via the contact form.

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