Grants for Office Equipment: Get the Funding You Need


grants for office equipmentWe’ve written a lot about the different ways you can acquire a commercial multifunctional machine.  

You can buy a new or used machine outright. You can lease a machine for a period of up to 5 years. Or you can rent a machine month to month.

I’ve been thinking about it, and there’s at least one more way that could potentially make it easier to get your next machine.

Many states have government grants for office equipment. Well, not just office equipment, but it’s all under the same umbrella.

There are grants designed to help new businesses get on their feet, and grants to help other businesses stay on their feet.

Since a multifunctional printer is considered to be essential for an office to have, most grants that cover the cost of equipment will cover the cost of MFPs.

To see if your business qualifies for a grant, visit your state’s website and search for “grants.”

When you find a grant that fits your needs, follow the grant application process. Only submit it the way it says to in the instructions.

Then government officials go on to judge the applications and determine who they believe is most deserving of the grant. A decision is usually sent out within several weeks.

What Should a Business Do With Grants for Office Equipment?

Getting the grant was half the battle, now you have to figure out how you’re going to spend it wisely.

Should you buy, lease, or rent? When it comes to office equipment, the best thing to do with grants depends on the nature of your business.

I wouldn’t recommend a brand new business using their grant money to buy a new machine, for example. It’s a significant investment considering, we hate to say it, the business may not last.

It would make more financial sense for a more established business to commit to the long-term ownership of buying or leasing.

A new business with the need for an MFP should rent one month-to-month until they’re confident the business is there to stay.

With our no-commitment rentals, customers can easily return their machine and end the rental agreement at any time.

However, you choose to acquire the equipment should make sense for your business. If you’re having trouble acquiring funds in the first place, consider grants for office equipment as a possible source of funding.


Without grants for office equipment, many of your community’s not-for-profit organizations would not have the equipment they need to do their job every day.

I think grants are an excellent tool for businesses that need them. I have served many non-for-profit organizations who received funding for their capital budgets through grants.

In some of those cases, Dean Office Solutions was able to recommend the grant that ultimately led to funding. We’d be happy to do the same for any other non-for-profit business that needs some guidance.

If you need assistance getting the funding you need for office equipment, please contact me for a consultation and we’ll look at the available options.

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