Importance of a Printer


importance of a printerThese days, everyone, no matter how big their business is, needs a printer or a multifunctional unit. Even students are beginning to realize the importance of a printer, especially color printers, to make prints from their desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and so on.

Even though many of the documents we now deal with are digital, you still need hard copies, and that’s where the importance of a printer cannot be overstated.

Importance of a Printer: They do More Than Just Print

Today’s printers can do a lot more than just print. Most of the printers on the market, including the ones sold by Dean Office Solutions, are able to copy, scan, and fax as well.

Scanning and printing are a natural fit; on one hand you’re inputting from the machine into the computer, on the other hand you can also output from the computer and print it through the machine.

Copying still has some uses — anything that can be scanned can also be copied. Scanning itself is not totally antiquated either. Scanning is used quite liberally in the medical field, because it is more secure than emailing.

Secure Document Sending
When you scan a document you can either put it on a disc to give to your colleague, or you can upload it to a private server for them to retrieve from wherever they are. When sending a file through email, there’s always the possibility of it being intercepted by someone who was not intended to receive it.

Document Preparation
Depending on the type of printer or multifunctional unit you buy, the machine may even be able to prepare the document for you so it’s presentation-ready. Certain machines offer stapling and saddle stitching to create that professional look you need right within your own office.

Streamline Your Workflow

The importance of a printer or multifunctional machine becomes apparent when you consider all of the equipment it is able to replace. In your office right now you may have a standalone printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine.

Other than having to go from machine to machine to complete a job that could be done on one, having standalone machines for everything comes with several other pitfalls.

First, you’ll have to buy separate toner for your printer, copier, and fax machine. With a multifunctional machine you can simply rely on one toner cartridge for everything. Not only will this alleviate the annoyance of having to refill multiple machines, it will save you significant money in the long run.

Toner last quite a while in a multifunctional device, and machines get smaller in size each year so they don’t take up too much space in the office. Printers and multifunctional machines can do a lot more with one unit while leaving a small footprint.

Please visit this page to learn more about our printers and multifunctional units. If you have any concerns that we didn’t cover in this article, we’re happy to help in any way that we can. Please contact us with the details and we’ll get you back up and running as soon as possible.

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