Is a Pre-Owned / Used Copier Right for My Business?


used-copierAt Dean Office Solutions, LLC we offer both new and reconditioned Copier/Printer/Scanner/Fax equipment. I am often asked if a pre-owned piece of equipment might make sense for a customer. These days, most of the time, the answer is yes. Due to the state of the economy, there is a tremendous amount of  available pre-owned used copier equipment that have low copy counts. A majority of this inventory is current-model equipment that has been taken back by the leasing companies. These barely used copier units can save you quite a bit of money.

What does Pre-Owned or Used Copier Mean?

At Dean Office Solutions, any pre-owned or used copier equipment we recondition must meet specific requirements. Firstly, the copy count must be low for the type of unit in question. Many of the machines we deal in have a useful life of up to 2,000,000 copies. We only recondition certain models that we know to be extremely reliable. If a used copier has been in the field a while you generally know it’s reliability.

Secondly, we replace all consumable items (drum, image units, and fusers for example) and many parts that normally get heavy use (such as feed rollers, corona wires). In this way we can offer you the same warranties and contracts for used copiers that we offer for new equipment.

How Much will Pre-Owned Save Me?

As for the savings, you generally save about 40% over the cost of a brand new unit. Pre-owned copier equipment can also be leased, just like new equipment. All in all, pre-owned is a great way to go for companies on a budget.

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