Kyocera Repair


kyocera repairDean Office Solutions is an authorized dealer for Kyocera, which means when customers turn to us for Kyocera repair we can deal directly with manufacturer to get parts and toner and save them valuable time

As an authorized Kyocera dealer our customers don’t have to wait any longer than a day or two to get parts, and we keep most toners in stock and ready to go. We have technicians on hand who have been factory trained to work specifically on Kyocera machines, so you can say we know their products inside and out.

Being authorized dealers, Dean Office Solutions is the premiere company offering Kyocera repair in New Jersey. Often we are able to repair a machine and then offer a service maintenance agreement on the equipment at very competitive prices. Kyocera equipment is notoriously reliable and affordable to supply, which means we are able to offer service maintenance agreements at very attractive cost-per-copy rates.

If you’d like to look at options beyond a service maintenance agreement, we’re happy to do Kyocera repair without an agreement or service contract. We offer same-day Kyocera repair in New Jersey on equipment we did not sell or lease based on a time and materials basis – an hourly rate plus the cost of parts.

If that’s the route you’d like to go you, just call us and we will provide a free estimate on bringing your machine up to spec. With a minimum of 15 years experience working on Copystar Kyocera copiers, our trained technicians diagnose and resolve issues quickly. Businesses looking for Kyocera repair in New Jersey who turn to Dean Office Solutions often turn into repeat customers, so we look forward to servicing you for many years to come.

Kyocera Repair – About Kyocera’s Unique Features and Product Offerings

Customers care about keeping their Kyocera machines in perfect working condition because of the unique features they offer. For example, Kyocera is a brand that’s widely appreciated for its unbeatable print speeds.

When every second of your work day counts, Kyocera machines are indispensable. Kyocera’s photoreceptor drums and printheads achieve world-class print speeds in all three methods — electrophotographic, inkjet and thermal printing.

For the thermal method, Kyocera has successfully developed both 2,400dpi and 4,800dpi printheads, representing the industry’s highest thermal printing resolution. For the inkjet printing method, Kyocera pioneered the world’s fastest 1200x1200dpi inkjet printhead, as well as the world’s fastest 300dpi inkjet printhead.

Kyocera at one point also set a new world record for durability in A4 printing equipment’s photoreceptor drum by extending the world’s longest operating life up to three times. With Kyocera’s ultra-high durability a-Si drums you can expect the lifespan of the drum to go from printing about 300,000 A4 sheets to printing roughly one million.

Kyocera is dedicated to improving durability, reducing printing times, and reducing the environmental impact of its machines. These are some of the many reasons why Kyocera customers turn to us for Kyocera repair. We get their machines back up and running  quickly and at the most affordable price.

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