What to Look for in Copier Rental Companies


copier rental companiesNavigating the world of copier rental companies is challenging from the very start. Most copier dealers do not offer rentals or, if they do offer them, make rentals so expensive people would rather just lease a machine.

Finding a copier rental company in your area is the first challenge. Next, you have to know what to look for. Why rent from one dealer over another? Do the best rates mean you’re getting the best service?

We’ll answer those questions in this article, and guide you in the direction of finding a copier rental company you can trust.

Copier Leasing Companies ≠ Copier Rental Companies

At Dean Office Solutions we both rent and lease copiers, but not every copier leasing company offers rentals. In most cases, they don’t want to offer an alternative to their main business goal, which is signing leases.

We’re one of the few copier lease companies with a different philosophy. Leasing is not the best option for everyone. At Dean Office Solutions we try to be as customer-centric as possible, and sometimes a lease doesn’t make sense.

It makes no financial sense to lease a copier for a term of any less than two years. The payments would be outrageous. But the reality is, not every business has long-term needs for a copier. Sometimes a copier is needed for a year or less.

A lease cannot be canceled, so a business would be stuck making payments for the full term even if the copier is not needed. What other option is there? Well, that’s where copier rental companies come in.

All rentals are month to month and can be canceled with 30 days notice. Whether you need a copier short-term for a special project or aren’t yet ready to commit to a lease, you can rent a like-new machine for an affordable monthly price.

Finding Quality Copier Rental Companies

When renting expensive equipment, you want to be sure you’re dealing with a trustworthy company. Thus, I will give you a few tips for vetting copier rental companies. Before you start comparing rates between dealers and going with the most affordable option, we recommend looking for these warning signs first.

Number one— can they tell you the history of their machines? If you’re asking about the background of a machine before renting one, and they don’t have all the answers, consider that a red flag. When a dealer can’t offer any details about the history of a machine, then who knows what condition it may be in. You might be paying to rent a lemon.

A reputable company should be aware of the history of their machines in order to ensure they’re offering quality products to customers. Our rental equipment at Dean Office Solutions has been maintained by us from day one. They’re all off-lease machines that we buy back from our own customers. We can tell you to what extent they’ve been used, how often they’ve been maintained, and so on.

Another thing to look for in copier rental companies is whether they offer delivery and pick up. Renting isn’t so convenient when you have to haul the machine back and forth yourself, and it’s best to get this information upfront.

At Dean Office Solutions, we’ll deliver your rental and pick it up when you no longer need it. If you have a temporary need for one of our machines, please inquire about our copier rental service for more information.

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