Mac Compatible Printers


mac compatible printersAll printers, regardless of the computer you’re setting it up on, require drivers to communicate between the device and operating system.

If you’re searching for Mac compatible printers the only thing that makes any difference is the drivers.

A Mac requires different drivers than a PC. Years ago, it may have been a problem getting a printer to run on our Mac because there wouldn’t be drivers available.

It used to be complicated to get a printer set up on a Mac, but that is no longer the case. Whether you’re setting up one, or many printers on a network it makes no difference if they’re Macs or PCs.

In fact, most printers and multifunction units come with the the drivers you need for either Mac or a PC. If they don’t come with the required drivers, you’ll almost always be able to download them from the company’s website.

It also used to be the case that when you found Mac compatible printers and multifunctional units there would be some features not available for Mac users.

That is also not the case anymore, or at least is not as widely seen as it used to be. Now, Mac compatible printers make all the same features available to both Mac and PC users. If it’s the case that some of the machine’s features are not Mac compatible, it will be pointed out on the box.

If you came here looking for a list of Mac compatible printers, know that nearly all printer manufacturers provide support for Mac users. A list of Mac compatible printers would be almost identical to a list of PC compatible printers.

Mac Compatible Printers: One Unique Difference

The one difference between running connecting a printer to a Mac or a PC is Apple’s “Bonjour”. This networking feature is but right into OS X, and allows Mac users to quickly discover devices, including printers, on their networks.

Of course, you can set up a printer without Bonjour, but it certainly makes life easier. Nearly all new network printers are Bonjour compatible, though older routers may not support Bonjour.

Windows-Only Printers

Occasionally you will run into a specialty printer that is Windows only. A primary example of this is label printers. Few label printers are able to connect to a computer, and the ones that do are Windows only.  

Also, some 3D printers on the market are Windows only. Check the manufacturer’s specs for Mac compatibility when shopping for a 3D printer.

Be Weary of “Not Mac Compatible”

Any Apple device you have — whether it’s a Mac desktop, laptop, iPad, or iPhone — can easily be made to print from whatever machine you have.

If you’re shopping for a new printer or MFC, be weary of anyone who tells you it’s not Mac compatible. Chances are hey’re trying to persuade you to buy another machine. If it’s true that the machine is not Mac compatible then it is extremely out of date.

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