How Managed Print Services Can Help Your Business Save Time and Money


managed print servicesManaged print services can help your business by allowing you to gain more control over everything from your printing equipment, to your document output, to supplies and service.

Do you feel like too much of your work day is wasted on document-related practices? Is productivity suffering from outdated and inefficient printing practices?

With managed print services you can restore a sense of structure to your document environment. In addition to reducing printing costs and boosting productivity, these services can help you keep up with solutions to today’s evolving technological challenges.

What Are Managed Print Services Exactly?

We’ve told you how you can benefit from these services, but what are they exactly?

They are best described as services provided by a third party to optimize and manage a business’s fleet of print and copy machines, as well as improve the efficiency of document output.

“Print” services aren’t necessarily limited to just printing. These services also include ongoing technical support, as well as supplies like paper and toner. In fact, a company offering complete services should really be doing an upfront assessment to determine what your specific needs are.

An analyst should look at your print environment and be able to return a comprehensive usage trends report. This report should then be used to present both an immediate plan of action, and a long-term strategy for managing your print infrastructure more efficiently.

Once your needs have been determined, the company will then continually monitor and manage the complete environment of your print output. The ongoing process will help you save time and money in a few key ways:

  • Potentially reducing the number of machines you need to operate while still meeting business needs.
  • Identifying and solving potential problems before your business is affected by them.
  • Replenishing supplies before you run out.
  • Finding solutions for printing less paper and reducing your environmental footprint.

A good service provider should go unnoticed. That means they can effectively managing your print infrastructure without you taking attention away from your business.

Managed Print Services From Dean Office Solutions

Dean Office Solutions is proud to be a reputable provider of managed print services. We can offer you a contract for maintaining your entire fleet of copiers and printers. All devices can be included in one affordable cost per copy program.

We don’t limit these contracts to specific brands or specific equipment either. Multiple brands and multiple pieces of equipment can all be included in the same program. As long as the machine uses dry powder toner, then we can offer a contract which covers supplies and services.

A print management program can control the costs on any of the devices you use that prints, copies, and scans. It can also restore order and structure to your document-related tasks.

If you feel like your printing infrastructure is too chaotic, or you’re spending too much money each month on maintenance and supplies for your equipment, please inquire about our print management services. Contact me for more information.

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