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most cost effective printerCustomers in the market for a new printer or copier will often begin their search by asking “what is the most cost effective printer?”  

Generally, a good rule of thumb in this business is the more heavy duty the printer is, the more volume it’s made to produce. A machine that’s made to produce large volumes of prints is almost invariably going to offer the cheapest cost per copy.  

Does that mean that the machine with the cheapest cost per copy is the most cost effective printer? No, not at all. It’s not cost effective if you’re spending an exorbitant amount of money on a machine you don’t need.


Most Cost Effective Printer Depends on You

In the end it’s not possible to narrow it down to one machine — the most cost effective printer all depends on what you want it to accomplish.

There’s a fine line between what’s the most cost effective printer for you, and what’s the most cost effective printer for someone else.  

For example, someone only doing 1000 copies a month doesn’t need to get a real heavy duty machine because 1000 copies is on the low end of what those machines are designed to produce.

The reality is that most customers probably aren’t going to get the absolutely cheapest cost per copy because they’re not going to buy a $10,000 machine to do what they need to do.

For the most part the difference is negligible — the difference in the least expensive costs per copy is within tenths of a penny.

If your business is making 100,000 copies a month it might mean a lot for you to be able to save that half a cent because it means a savings of $500 a month.

Buying a large volume machine is important if you’re producing upwards of 100,000 copies a month, but not so if you’re only doing around 2,000 copies a month.

Saving half a cent on 2000 copies is only about 10 dollars, not nearly as noticeable as a savings of 500 dollars. It’s not worth it to spend big bucks to buy or lease a machine when your monthly volume doesn’t justify it.

You can always equate heavy duty with cheaper with it comes to output. Heavy duty is also synonymous with speed — higher volume machines are much faster than lower volume machines.

To determine the most cost effective printer for your business, first determine what your monthly output is. Then you’ll have a starting point to figure out which machine makes the most sense for your business, based on initial cost versus how much it will help you save each month.

Another rule of thumb in this business is — one of the biggest determinants of cost per copy is whether or not it’s a dry powder machine.

A dry powder machine, whether a desktop or a commercial machine, is always going to give a better cost per copy than an inkjet. Liquid toner machine are horrendous when it comes to cost per page.

If you need more assistance finding the most cost effective printer for your business, please leave a comment below or use the contact form to get in touch with me directly.

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