Moving a Photocopier: The Proper Way to Move a Copier


moving a photocopierWe get this question all the time: how much does it cost to move a copier? From a physical standpoint, moving a photocopier is not difficult—most competent moving companies can do that for you. You want to make sure they have employees who have no problem moving and photocopier and have done so before. The reason you want this is that copiers can be damaged very easily—it’s not like moving a desk.

Another problem with moving a photocopier is that copiers have a lot of moving parts, and they’re also filled with a variety of chemicals in fluid form. These parts need to be kept more or less in a certain position, depending on what the copier is doing. The chemicals, while often enclosed and not in danger of spilling out or all over the copier, still need to be evenly distributed. Movement can destroy the distribution.

Basically, the orientation of the copier is critical when moving a photocopier. One of the most common mistakes we see is when someone has put the copier on its side. This can seriously damage your copier and result in expensive repairs. Never put a copier on its side!

This is why you want to always have a professional move it, if possible. If you find yourself moving a photocopier without professional help, make sure it’s strapped into a truck or a van when it’s being moved to keep the chemicals and mechanical parts in place.

When Moving A Photocopier, Make Sure It’s Prepared Beforehand

Even if you have the copier locked up tight in a moving van, it can still be damaged if it isn’t prepped before the move. Depending on the model of printer, you may have to do some prep work before moving a photocopier.

Some copiers require you to take out the drum or lock the optic system in place before moving the copier so nothing gets damaged. Always check with the Service Provider before to see what kind of preparation is required when moving a photocopier like the model you own.

Most of our machines are on wheels, so they can be rolled and put in an elevator and rolled down to the truck, but this isn’t always the case. If you don’t have wheels on your unit, make sure you get a professional to help you get it down to the truck.

REMEMBER! You never, ever want to put a copier on its side! This can seriously damage your copier.

Moving a photocopier down to the truck can also be difficult. You may need to use a stair climber to get it up or down the stairs. Make sure you’re using a lift gate, unless you have a loading dock. Take as much care and time moving the copier as you can—a few many hours are nothing compared to the cost of replacing the copier.

Your best bet is to avoid all of this and simply have a professional do it. Again, call the copier company beforehand and have them prepare it to be moved. If you take plenty of precautions, you should have no trouble moving your photocopier. We also like this short article about moving a photocopier from your office.

If you want to let the professionals take care of your copier for you and avoid the risk of damaging the copier, click here to get in contact with us.

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