The Myth Of The Paperless Office


the myth of the paperless officeThe myth of the paperless office is just that — a myth. Everyone wants to go paperless, but the reality is that few people can.

The myth of the paperless office is perpetuated by companies that didn’t generate much paper to begin with, such as IT companies and other companies whose work is primarily conducted in the digital space.

Despite the myth of the paperless office being something that comes up over and over again in this industry, we have yet to see a decline in the usage of printers. In fact, we have seen the opposite. Printing, color printing in particular, has never been more popular than it is today.

There would be no greater way to debunk the myth of the paperless office than to show you the sales numbers for color printers over the past 10 years. Well, we’re not exactly going to open up our books for you, but we will say that color printing has been our biggest growth area over the past 10 years by far.

Why has color printing seen such tremendous growth? Years ago, back before the myth of the paperless office was ever thought about, having a color printer to use in your home or office was a luxury that not many people could afford. Flash forward to today and you’ll be hard pressed to find a high quality color printer that’s out of your price range.

The affordability of the machines, coupled with the quality you get for your money these days, is what has led to color printing and color copying being among our biggest growth areas right now. So even though the myth of the paperless office is being touted by companies that never really had to use paper as part of their day-to-day work, the companies that do rely on the use of paper are able to make beautiful color prints and copies faster and more affordably than ever before.

Why The Myth Of The Paperless Office Is Just A Myth

We all want to be friends to the environment, but not all of us can just stop using paper. For example, a financial planner couldn’t deliver a document to a client on a USB stick. An agency couldn’t submit a proposal on an SD card.

The myth of the paperless office doesn’t take into account that people still want hard copies of certain documents. Being able to touch, feel, and interact with something tangible is still important.

When it comes to delivering proposals, presentations, brochures, reports, legal documents, etc. hard copies are still standard practice, which is something we don’t expect to see changing any time soon.


Even though the myth of the paperless office is not feasible for every type of business, we understand that you still may want to keep less paper around your office to reduce clutter and be more environmentally friendly. What some folks have been doing is scanning their paper documents, storing them on their hard drives as digital documents, and then recycling the paper copies.

If this is something you’re interested in doing we do offer machines to make that job easier. With some of our multi-functional units you can scan hundreds of documents with ease. Please take a look at our full selection to see how we can accommodate you.

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