Save Money With Off Lease Machines


At Dean Office Solutions we Sell & Lease  Off Lease Machines that we have maintained over the term of the lease. These units are 3 Years old, trouble free and have low meter counts. In many cases they offer a terrific value for customers that do not make a large amount of copies & are on a budget. Also, certain features that you would have to pay for in a new machine, an example is a Fax Module, can come included in an Off Lease Machine if it is there.

A good rule of thumb for Off Lease Machines is you pay about 60% of what they cost new. Because they are truly reconditioned we can also offer the same Service Plans as we offer for new units and at the same price.

When we recondition a copier we replace all the items that wear out over a period of time. The Drum, Rollers, Fuser & Developer are all among the parts we check & replace. We also know the history of the units we recondition and any machines with issues are returned to the leasing company.

We offer off lease units that are both Color & Black & White. Basically, any type of machine that we offer new we can offer a similar Off Lease Machines. Recently we installed a 90 page per minute off lease unit at one of our larger customers. This machine enabled them to drastically update their capabilities for pennies on the dollar.

In conclusion, off lease machines can offer any customer exceptional value in many situations.

For more information about our certified used copiers, click here.

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