Office Equipment Safety Hazards & How to Avoid Them


office equipment safetyIt’s funny to look back at how office equipment safety has changed over the years.

A serious subject to be sure, but you’ll see where the humor comes from later on.

As technology changes so do the hazards that come along with using it.

In this post we’ll go over some of the top office equipment safety hazards you may run into.

Office Equipment Safety Hazards

Old Safety Hazards

In the early days of office equipment there was only one safety concern: keep your tie out of the way.

Seriously, that was the best safety advice you could give someone. Ties would often get stuck in the moving parts, which could end up being quite dangerous to the user.

You ended up learning to be mindful of your tie any time you were working with or around office equipment.

As technology evolves there invariably ends up being new ways of getting hurt, as you’ll read in the next section.

Modern Day Safety Hazards

Modern day office equipment safety hazards can be avoided if you treat it like other large pieces of equipment.

If you need to get inside the equipment for any reason, call the professionals.

Based on what I’ve seen in my experience, and what I’ve heard from others, reaching into a machine is how most people get hurt using today’s copiers.

Now you might see what I mean when I say modern day safety hazards can be avoided. Avoid putting your hand in the machine and you’ll avoid most of what’s dangerous about it.

Sometimes accidents do happen. You may find yourself thinking “oh it’s just a paper jam,” or “I have no time to wait for the repair people,” or “I could probably just do this myself.”

There may come a time when – against your better judgment – you open the copier reach your hand in.

What’s next? Well, a few things go wrong. You might get scratches or cuts from sharp pieces inside the copier.

Your hand might get stuck in the machine. That means you could sustain injury while attempting to remove your hand.

Laser fuser rollers can also be hazardous, especially if you’re trying to clear a jam in the fusing area while the machine is running.

The fuser rollers can get hot enough to burn your hand if you come in contact. Since they use pressure they can also hurt by clamping down on your fingers.

Last but not least are electrical shocks. Before reaching inside any piece of electrical equipment always make sure it is unplugged and away from the wall.


Office equipment safety hazards can be avoided by using your best judgment. If it seems too difficult to fix, call the professionals.

Don’t risk harm or injury by attempting tough repairs on your own. Businesses like Dean Office Solutions are here to resolve all your copier concerns, no matter how big or small you think them to be.

Have a job that needs the help of a professional? Call Dean Office Solutions.

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