We Prefer the Term “Gently Used Copiers”


At Dean Office Solutions, LLC we specialize in finding our customers “gently used” copiers, printers, and scanners.  When a customer is on a budget and in need of outputting a substantial quantity of copies and prints, particularly color output, they should give strong consideration to the purchase or lease of one of our gently used machines.

Win-Win Situation

Recently we had a customer in Chester, NJ close their New Jersey Office. They had been leasing a Konica Minolta Bizhub C220 Color Copier/Printer/Scanner.  It was only 2 years old and had not seen a lot of usage.  We worked out a settlement with the leasing company to buy the machine.  We then re-leased the machine with a supply and service contract to a small but growing church for only $135 per month. The church got a quality machine at a bargain and we got another sale.

No Overselling with Dean Office

This is how we get many of our used copiers. Also, there are many machines on 3-year leases that have low meter counts at the end of the lease. These machines have a lot of life left in them just like a car with low mileage after the initial lease period.  Dean Office prides itself on not overselling to our customers.  We will match you with a used copier if that is right for your business.

Cost Considerations: Off the Shelf Copier vs. a Used Copier

If you are outputting 10 to 12 copies and prints a day, an off the shelf copier/printer will do the job for you. But if your office is doing substantially more than, closer to 80-100 copies, you will do better with a reconditioned commercial copier/printer from Dean Office Solutions.

There are a number of reasons for this: firstly supplies for an office supply unit are extremely expensive. With a reconditioned commercial unit, supplies and service run a little over $0.01 per copy for black output and color runs between $0.06 and $0.09.   An office supply unit runs in the vicinity of $0.04-$0.05 for black and over $0.20 for color.

The Right Machine, New or Used Copier?

If you are going to do scanning, the Document Feeder on a commercial copier holds about 80 Sheets and is heavy-duty. A desktop unit is lucky to hold 10.

The copy quality is better on a commercial unit. You can automatically do double sided copies, sort, and maintain user codes for clients. Commercial units get you additional paper sizes up to 11” x 17” and offer many more features and is much more heavy-duty.

I have found that customers have a much better experience with one of my gently used copier/printer/scanners than with smaller desktop units. Best of all when you take into account the total cost of ownership (unit cost, supplies, and service) you are more likely to save money with one of our reconditioned commercial “gently used copiers and multi-functional printers and scanners.  Dean Office can fit your business needs to the right type of office equipment, and sometimes that means a used copier.

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