Why Your Print Marketing Should Be Done In-House


booklet-448251_640Are you getting the most you can out of your commercial printing and copying machine? Your machine can do a lot for you, beyond just printing and copying documents for the office. One of the many benefits of having a commercial printer in your office is that it gives you the ability to create print marketing pieces for your business without having to outsource the work to a third party. These days you can pretty inexpensively create professional print marketing pieces, even folded and saddle stitched pieces, on a relatively inexpensive commercial copier.

A lot of owners of commercial copiers and printers don’t realize the extent of what they are able to create on their own machines. They don’t realize that if their machine has a booklet finisher, a fairly common feature in commercial machines, that they can create sophisticated newsletters and bulletins for promoting their business. That’s just one example, but, I’ll bet if you look into the machine you own it’ll have some unique features for print marketing as well.

Here are some other ways a commercial copier can enhance the print marketing efforts of your business.

Comparable Quality
Why would you pay for outsourced printing when your commercial copier can create pieces of nearly identical quality. The quality of copies and prints from a professional printing company can be compared favorably against any office machine on the market today. If you’re saying to yourself you’d rather outsource your print marketing pieces because you want the best quality available then you may be underestimating what your machine is capable of.

As Many Copies As You Need
When doing your own printing you can create exactly as many copies as you may need. This means you won’t have to order copies in bulk and potentially overspend by ordering too many. You also won’t run into the problem of having too few copies and running short. Your options are as flexible as you need them to be when doing the work on your own machine. In addition, when it comes to cost it doesn’t matter if you want 5 copies or 500 copies. Price is all the same when doing the job on your own machine, all it will cost you is some toner and paper.

Instant Turnaround Time
If you send a job to your own printer, the turnaround time is instantaneous. If you send a job to a third party printing company, the turnaround time could be several hours to several days. Not to mention you will then have to go there in person to pick up your copies. With a commercial machine you instantly print the pieces you need from the convenience of your own office, so you’ll have what you need when you need it.

More Opportunities
The flexibility and affordability of creating your own print marketing pieces can open up new opportunities for your business. You will be able to create more pieces more frequently, at no additional cost, which creates many more options when it comes to marketing your business.


Flexible and affordable are the two words to keep in mind when thinking about why you should print more of your marketing pieces in-house. Above all it’s about saving money and adding more convenience to your work life. If you have any questions, or would like some advice on the best machine for your needs, please contact me or leave a comment below.

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