Printer Maintenance Service


Printer Maintenance ServiceAt Dean Office Solutions one of the things we’re proud to offer is printer maintenance service. We love to help people maintain their printers so they can continue to have a reliable machine that will serve their needs for years to come.

Our printer maintenance service is conducted by replacing a number of kits in the printers that will inevitably not work as well over a certain period of time. You see, all printers have a fusing section and a feeding section — the rollers in these sections eventually wear out over time and that’s when you call someone like us for maintenance service.

We will replace the rollers for your fuser and feeding mechanism, but it doesn’t stop there. We also offer printer maintenance service that involves reconditioning older machines that may be having problems with toner, problems with fusing to the paper, or problems with feeding the paper out of the machine and into the tray.

We keep printer maintenance service kits readily available to order, if they’re not in stock already. We’ll get your printer up and running very quickly. This can be offered as a standalone service, or if you buy or lease a machine from us we can offer you a service contract to ensure your printer is covered for the length of time you intend to use the machine. Printer maintenance service contracts include toner and parts needed to maintain the machine

Printer Maintenance Service: Two Options To Choose From

With our printer maintenance service we are happy to offer two flexible options for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Break And Fix:
This type of printer maintenance service is exactly how it sounds. You break it, we fix it. It doesn’t matter if you originally acquired the printer from us, or from somewhere else.  If your printer is broken, bring it in to us and we’ll get it back up and running in no time.

This a la carte service can get expensive if your machine ends up requiring a lot of maintenance and repairs over its lifetime. For a much more affordable option we recommend looking into our other option, the service contract.

Service Contract:
A printer maintenance service contract is the most cost-effective way to ensure your printer is well maintained and working when you need it. If it breaks or requires routine maintenance, its on us.

Of course, this comes with a caveat. We can only offer a service contract on machines that are acquired directly from Dean Office Solutions. That’s because we know the history of all our machines, how much use they’ve had so far, and what condition they’re in. We can’t offer a service contract on a machine when we don’t know where it came from or what kind of shape it’s in.

Think of it like insurance. No one ever wants or expect their printer to break down or malfunction, but when it does you’ll be thankful you have a service contract. Best of all, with a service contact we’ll dispatch our technicians out to you at no extra cost. Our service technicians are all trained to repair printers and have worked with most all major brands out there.

A service contract is by far our most recommended option. But if you want to roll the dice, our break-and-fix service is always available whenever you need it. For more information, please leave a comment below, fill out the contact form, or give me a call directly.


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