Purchasing A Copier – Avoid Four Common Mistakes

Purchasing a copier

Purchasing a copier is a big decision for most businesses and something they will have to live with for quite a while. Over my 30 plus years in the business I have seen folks select a copier that completely satisfies them and others that made decisions that did not work out. What follows are the four biggest mistakes I have seen over my career.

  1. Not understanding the lease. Most people don’t read things before they sign them. Most salespeople explain as little as they have to. Before you sign a lease you should have a basic understanding of what you are getting into. Questions to ask should include: Is it a dollar out or fair market value lease? How long is the lease? Can changes be made in the service contract?
  2. Not understanding the Service Contract. Like the lease make sure you know what to expect in the servicing of the copier. Questions to ask: How many copies are included? What is the rate if you go over? What is not covered? Does it cover any Networking Issues? Can it be adjusted annually?
  3. Not buying color. Many businesses don’t get a color copier because “Color is too expensive”. In reality a color machine doesn’t cost much more than Black & White. If you are outsourcing color or using an Inkjet Machine a color copier or multifunctional may save you thousands of dollars over the course of leasing or purchasing a copier.
  4. Over or Underbuying. Like Real Estate or Life Insurance you need this but not too much or too little. Ask yourself these questions: Does it have the features I need? Will it fit my space? Is it fast enough? Will it handle the copies I make? Will it last for the term of the lease?

I hope these tips on purchasing a copier help. You can always contact Dean Office Solutions with any questions you may have or visit our new copiers page for more information.

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