Why Buy Reconditioned Photocopiers Instead of New?


reconditioned photocopiersReconditioned photocopiers, if they have been truly reconditioned, can save you a lot of money.

We’re talking owning a machine today for half the cost of a new machine.

You have to be careful though, copier dealers have different definitions of what “reconditioned” means.

A reconditioned copier from one dealer could vary greatly in quality compared to a reconditioned copier from another dealer. Even if you’re comparing two of the same models.

In this article, we will explain what reconditioned photocopiers are, according to us, and what you should look for if you’re shopping for one.

What Are Reconditioned Photocopiers?

At Dean Office Solutions, LLC reconditioned photocopiers refer to off-lease machines that are around three years old or less. In order to be truly reconditioned, they should also be well-maintained with low copy counts.

Think of reconditioned copiers like reconditioned cars. Copy counts are similar to miles driven, and regular maintenance is just like regular oil and transmission changes.

Similar to how you would look for a well-maintained car with low mileage, you should look for a copier machine with low copy counts and a history of regular maintenance.

Some copier dealers consider a machine reconditioned if “it still works.” They may have turned the machine on this morning, made a few copies, and started selling it as “reconditioned.”

They couldn’t tell you where the machine has been, when it last received any maintenance, or how many copies it has made.

That’s something you have to watch out for. We’ll give you some more tips on how to shop for reconditioned copiers in the next section.

Shopping for Reconditioned Copiers

When shopping for reconditioned copiers, don’t be afraid to ask “what is the history of this machine?”

If the dealer doesn’t know that information, consider it a red flag. Without the history of a machine, there is no way of knowing how well it has been maintained.

As we mentioned earlier, it’s also important to ask for the copier count if the dealer doesn’t make it readily available.

If you find yourself on the fence about whether to get a new machine or a reconditioned machine, a good way to decide is to think of how much use it will get.

Businesses that make a tremendous amount of copies, in the tens of thousands per month, are generally better off going with a new machine

Reconditioned machines are a great option for mid-to-low volume users. They’ll last many years longer than they would for a high volume user.


Buying reconditioned photocopiers gives you the opportunity to acquire a machine for half the cost of a new one.

All machines we sell as reconditioned are truly reconditioned. They are machines our customers have brought back at the end of a lease, so we can guarantee they’ve been well maintained and lightly used.

In addition, we can offer the same service packages on our reconditioned machines as we can on new machines. Have the peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong, it is our responsibility to fix it.

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