Why Recycling Printers is the Safe and Responsible Choice


recycle-1730163_640All electronics eventually reach the end of their lifecycle, this is especially true for office equipment. Something new and better always comes along that can get the job done faster and more efficiently. The question inevitably arises — what should you do with equipment that has either broken down or been replaced by a newer machine?

Old and unwanted electronics, including printers, copiers, and multifunctional machines, should never be put out with the trash. Due to the chemicals in the equipment, it’s not environmentally friendly for electronics to end up in landfills. Secondly, the parts can be salvaged and turned into new electronics.

You should be especially careful when it comes to recycling printers because they contain more chemicals than most electronics. The heavy metals in printers account for much of the lead, cadmium, copper, and chromium found in landfills. On top of that, hundreds of millions of toner cartridges end up in landfills every year. Did you know it takes 450 to 1000 years for toner cartridge waste to break down? A toner cartridge can actually be recycled and remanufactured three to four times before wearing out completely.

All of this waste and contamination could be drastically reduced if more people were recycling printers and other electronics instead of throwing them out with the trash. Recycling printers and toner cartridges saves energy, water, and keeps dangerous chemicals out of landfills. Recycling a single toner cartridge saves almost a gallon of oil. Coincidentally, that is the same amount of oil needed to manufacture a new printer cartridge.

Recycling old printers and copiers also avoids water contamination caused by heavy metals seeping into the soil. Your company can dramatically reduce its carbon footprint by recycling old printers and toner cartridges.

We highly advocate for the recycling of printers, copiers, and other unwanted office equipment. That could mean donating them to those in need, if still in working order, or taking them to a recycling center. That is, of course, after all personal data has been erased. If the copier, printer, or multifunctional machine being recycled has an internal hard drive, then it should be wiped before getting rid of the machine.

Recycling electronics in New Jersey has never been easier. A bill was recently signed into law that requires manufacturers to absorb the cost of recycling their equipment in NJ. Other states require the owners of the equipment to pay for recycling services, which could deter people from recycling altogether.

Let Us Help You With Recycling Printers and Other Office Equipment

Dean Office Solutions can help you when it comes to recycling printers and other office equipment. We partner with a company that handles the recycling of electronics. Simply give us a call, and we’ll be happy to pick up your equipment at little cost. In addition, we can help you find the best new office equipment to suit your needs. When you leave it to us, you can be assured your equipment will be recycled in a clean and effective manner that won’t harm the environment. Please contact us for more information about our recycling services.

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