Reduce Stress at Work With a Commercial Copy Machine


reduce stress at workWhen people think about ways to reduce stress at work, it would be fair to assume most never think about their copy machines.

They may think about reorganizing their work environment. Maybe they’d consider upgrading their computer or tablet. Perhaps smoothing over some interpersonal relationships would cause them less stress.

Upgrading to a modern, commercial copy machine would probably never come along in the thought process — but I’m here to tell you why it should.

I recently helped a customer reduce stress at work by recommending the perfect copier for his needs. Once we identified his previous copy machine as a source of stress, I immediately knew what would help remedy the issue.

There’s a possibility you’re in a similar situation as the customer I’m referring to, so I’m going to share his story and discuss how upgrading his copy machine helped him reduce stress.

How a New Copier Helped a Customer Reduce Stress at Work

When people talk to me about stress at work and how it can be reduced by something we carry, I think about a customer we were recently able to help.

He runs an SAT prepping and tutoring business in northern NJ. He’s regularly outputting SAT, ACT, and other types of tests for his for his students to prepare for college admission. He is very successful at it as well, with hundreds of clients.  

Needless to say, his copier is the backbone of his business. He’s required to frequently print hundreds of documents as part of his day-to-day job. With no employees to help him, he has to do it all himself.

When I first met him he was doing it all on a superstore-type HP consumer printer. He was outputting commercial-sized volume on a consumer-grade machine. Not to mention it couldn’t do collating or finishing, and it was costing him a small fortune buying toner.

He was printing stacks of documents, sorting them by hand, and then manually stapling each one together. After learning this, I immediately had to get him set up with a commercial machine.

I was able to get him a commercial copier that was perfect for what he needed. First of all, it was much faster than a consumer machine, so he was getting jobs done faster. It was more reliable, and came with a warranty that covered all of his toner needs.

On top of that, the machine automatically sorted the documents and added a simple staple finish to the corner. He literally just had to send the job to the copy machine, and everything else was done for him.


After following up with the customer, I was happy to learn of the difference the upgraded machine was making to his work life. The amount of time and effort he was saving from preparing documents allowed him to catch up on other things that needed to get done.

There’s the story of how a copy machine helped reduce stress at work for one individual. If this sounds like something you can relate to, please contact me to discuss how the equipment we carry can make your work day less stressful.

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