Refurbished Printers: Refurbished vs. New


tax-468440_640If you’re wondering whether or not to buy refurbished printers versus new printers, you’re right to have questions. There are a lot of moving parts in a printer, which equals a lot of wear and tear. You might think it’s a no-brainer to buy a new machine, but perhaps you’ll change your mind after reading this article.

Many customers think refurbished printers = used printers, but that is not the case. At Dean Office Solutions we do not just repackage used printers and sell them as “refurbished”. At Dean we are constantly refurbishing off lease Printers & Copier/Printers, returning them to nearly new condition & selling or leasing them at a fraction of their original cost.

Why Buy Refurbished Printers

The most obvious reason why a customer would buy refurbished vs. new is to save money. A refurbished machine is sold well below the market value of a new machine, with a Copier/Printer they are often 60% less than the Street Price of New Equipment. Compared to other electronics, printers and Copier/Printers are among the best products to buy refurbished when it comes to savings.

Another reason to buy refurbished is that you can almost always be assured that you’re getting a tried and trusted machine. If a printer has been on the market long enough that the company starts selling it as refurbished, that means it has stood the test of time. With that being the case, it makes it more likely the supplies needed for it are readily available.

What Happens During The Refurbishment Process

I find that customers feel more confident about buying a refurbished printer once they know what goes into the process of refurbishing it. A common misconception is that if a printer has been refurbished then there must have been something wrong with it. That’s not the case. In fact, most times printers get refurbished because they’re leased models that were recently traded in for a newer model.  

Before a printer gets sold to a customer as refurbished it goes through a thorough process of being inspected, repaired, and tested. That’s why refurbished does not equal used. Used printers do not not undergo any repairs or testing before being sold again.

Peace of Mind When Buying Refurbished vs. New

You can be assured when buying a refurbished printer from us its quality is up to par with new models. We can guarantee that because we only sell refurbished models that have been with us since day one and we will always offer a Service Contract on any refurbished unit.

We specialize in leasing printers and Copier/Printers. When a printer is returned to us at the end of the lease, we’ll refurbish it before selling and/or leasing it again. That means we know the entire history of the machine, how well it has been maintained, and so on.

However, if our guarantee is not enough, we’re happy to offer service plans on all refurbished machines we sell. For more information about that, you can read all about our service and maintenance plans here.

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