Refurbished Printers – Why Buy Refurbished Vs. Buying New


refurbished printersAt Dean Office Solutions we do a lot of work with refurbished printers, primarily HP printers. That’s the brand most customers are familiar with when in the market for refurbished printers.

What is that, you ask? Well the thing about HP is they are the masters at giving you the razor to buy the blades, so to speak. Customers go out and buy an economically sound printer that can be picked up for a modest price of around $400 to $500. Doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Where they get you is with the supplies that go with the machine, such as ink and toner. That stuff will cost you almost as much as the machine itself, depending on the amount of printing you do it can get really expensive. That’s why most of our customers come in looking for refurbished printers rather than brand new HP printers.

With older, refurbished printers from HP you’ll get a much better yield than on new models, meaning the money you spend on toner will stretch a lot further. For example, refurbished printers can get a yield of 15000 copies before you have to replace the cartridges. Compare that to any model of printer you have purchased in the past year or so and see how it stacks up.

When it comes to refurbished printers, the HP 4250 is our most popular model. It’s an older machine that we refurbish a lot of. Even though it’s an old model it’s better than most new models as far as equipment goes. The HP 4250 is certainly not what you would call a “throwaway”, it will serve you well for years to come.

What’s great about refurbished printers like the HP 4250 is that you can replace parts and make them almost new again. There’s also the fact that you can use cartridges that last a long time and won’t run out after only a few hundred copies.

Why Buy Refurbished Printers?

To recap, refurbished printers are very reliable and produce good yields. When shopping for new models a lot of customers wind up spending upwards of $500 just for the supplies and there’s a much cheaper way of doing it.

When I ask customers “How often do you replace your cartridge?”, the typical response is either on a monthly or quarterly basis. In a lot of cases, for these customers it makes sense to buy a refurbished, heavy duty older machine.

To give you another example, when it comes to doing service calls you might be surprised to know that we most frequently get called in to service newer models. A lot of customers will call to get service on something they bought from someone else, in a lot of cases these are throwaways and not as well made as older printers. They are less expensive to buy, but expensive to run and inexpensively made.

After talking to customers about the benefits, most will end up buying refurbished, use extended yield cartridges, and get a better return on their investment.

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