We Rent Office Equipment – Copiers, Printers, And More


rent office equipmentAt Dean Office Solutions we are happy to rent office equipment as an alternative solution to people who need printers, scanners, and copiers on a short term basis.

There are a couple of good reasons why someone would want to rent office equipment as opposed to buying or leasing it. The one that makes the most sense is if there is if you’re on a job that needs to be done for a limited amount of time and you do not need to lease something long term, let alone buy something for full price.

The option to rent office equipment is even more appealing than leasing it in most cases. Leasing office equipment is ultimately the least expensive option other than paying the full price of the unit, but most leases are for 3 or 5 years and there’s a chance you won’t need the equipment for nearly that long.

Let me explain the benefit of renting office equipment by telling you about an arrangement I have going on right now with US Pipeline. You see, they have a job going on in New Jersey that’s going to take 7 months to complete. They rented a multifunctional unit month to month from us for their temporary needs, which they can return whenever they want. As long as they give 30 days notice, we’ll come and pick it up and the agreement will be over. All settled and no further payments required.

Renting Office Equipment vs. Leasing

You might be wondering what the key benefits of renting vs. leasing are. If you sign a 36 month lease, the company you lease it from will expect you to pay that for full the 36 months.

Basically, you can’t cancel a lease unless you go out of business, otherwise you’ll have to keep paying. Even if you go out of business you may still have to pay for a lease, if you sign personally you’re still expected to pay for the remaining months on the agreement. What renting office equipment does is give you the opportunity to get a good piece of equipment at an unbeatable price, which you can return when its no longer needed.

Most commonly a company will rent office equipment if they are coming to town to do some sort of presentation at a hotel and need the ability to output and input documents. When that’s the case, the venue will contact me and we’ll arrange a price. At Dean Office Solutions we do that quite often for people who have meetings or special get togethers. We rent office equipment in black and white or color —  color equipment tends to be the most requested but we are able to provide both. Pretty much all equipment we rent will copy, print, scan, and in some cases fax.

So the number one reason why people rent office equipment is because they only need for short period of time — the number two reason is if its a new business and it can’t yet qualify for a lease. In those cases the company will usually opt to do a rental instead.

No matter what the reason is that you may want to rent office equipment, we are happy to accommodate you with a variety of affordable solutions. Please contact us today for more information.

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