How to Scan Documents to a PDF File


scan documents to pdf fileOne of the main things people do with a multifunctional printer (MFP) these days, and what has quickly become the most important thing they do with a copier in general, is to scan documents to a PDF file.

Scanning documents into a PDF file is the most versatile way to scan something because everyone can open a PDF. Your phone opens them, your computer opens them, your tablet opens them. Hey, even if your computer can’t open them, it will direct you to download a program that will open them.

In other words, when you scan documents to a PDF file, you can be guaranteed the person on the receiving end of that document will be able to open it. Moreover, you will be able to open it on all of your devices. I’ll get into more about that later, but first I will discuss how to scan documents into a single PDF file.

How to Scan Documents to a PDF File

When people ask me “How do I scan documents into PDF files?” they’re often surprised to learn how easy it is.  After scanning a document, the screen will present options asking what you want to do with it. Options may include emailing the document, saving on the MFP itself, or saving as a PDF.

When saved as a PDF the document can be opened on a computer, sent to a mobile device, or stored however you wish. You can scan documents into a single PDF file, or create multiple files for multiple documents. It all depends on how you want to store the data.

The Importance of Scanning

People print more than they copy, but every year people are scanning more than they print. There are several reasons why scanning is it outpacing copying and printing.

In an effort to create a more paperless office, many business owners have begun scanning documents and storing only the digital copies. If that’s something you happen to be interested in, please see our article on digital document management best practices.

Perhaps the most obvious reason why people scan as much as they do is because it’s easier to send digital documents than physical documents. Lastly, scanning has become so big because the barrier to entry has never been so low.

With a pretty inexpensive MFP you can still scan in color, even if the MFP only outputs black and white. You can take a color brochure, scan it on a black and white machine, and send it in full color to whoever needs it.

Scan Documents to a PDF File: In Summary

When you scan documents to a PDF file, anyone with a computer or mobile device can open them. PDFs are so common that, in most cases, the operating system a person is using will have a built-in PDF viewer. In the event that there is no PDF viewer, the computer will prompt the user to download an application to open the file.

Scanning documents into any format other than PDF could present challenges, as there may be difficulties opening the file. Another benefit of PDFs is that they’re highly editable. Many applications exist for computers and tablets that allow you to markup PDFs with ease. To get started scanning documents into PDF files, please inquire about leasing a new or used MFP today.

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