Need a Scanner for Large Documents? You Might Already Have One


scanner for large documentsA scanner for large documents can be found on the majority of today’s commercial multifunctional machines.

Scanning legal size documents, otherwise known as 11×17 documents, can be accomplished by most modern multifunctional copiers. Almost all of the machines we sell have a scanner for large documents.

If you’re not sure whether the machine you have or are looking to purchase is capable of scanning legal-size documents then follow this rule of thumb.

Any multifunctional machine that can output 11×17 documents will also have a scanner for large documents. If you can output it, you can scan it. Plain and simple.

If you’re looking to scan something larger than 11×17 then you’re getting into a highly specialized territory. Machines that scan documents larger than legal size are called engineering copiers.

Engineering copiers will scan very large documents for architects and engineers, but those are not the kind of machines we deal with at Dean Office Solutions.

There is such a small market for engineering copiers that you will almost assuredly have to order them direct from the manufacturer.

Other Notes About Using a Scanner for Large Documents

If you have a standalone scanner then chances are it will not be able to scan anything larger than A4 size documents if you don’t have an automatic document feeder.

Many standalone scanners do not have a glass scanning area large enough for legal size documents. An automatic document feeder will slide the longer document across the glass in order to get around the limitation of the smaller scanning area.

Multifunctional machines that copy, print, and scan have automatic document feeders built in, which is why it is not a problem for those machines to scan 11×17 documents.

Also, do not be fooled if your software is presenting you with the option to scan a legal sized document. It’s not uncommon to see this option even if your equipment is not capable of scanning larger documents.

Without an automatic document feeder, scanning large documents simply can’t be done.  

If a standalone scanner is all you have to work with at the moment, then a workaround is to re-print the legal sized document onto several letter-sized pages and scan those.

After scanning in the multiple smaller pages, you can then piece them together on your computer using software like OmniPage.

Sounds like a lot of work just to get a document scanned though, doesn’t it?

Let’s face it, if you find yourself regularly needing to scan legal size documents, then maybe it’s time to upgrade your equipment. Otherwise, you’re just trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

The best part about upgrading to a multifunctional unit is you’re not just upgrading your scanner, you’re upgrading your copier and printer as well.

With our competitive leasing options, you can get a brand new machine, along with a supplies and service contract, for one low monthly price.

Alternatively, you can rent one of our multifunctional machines month-to-month to see how it improves your workflow.

To discuss the many options available through Dean Office Solutions, please give me a call.

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