Selecting a good commercial multifunctional copier, printer, scanner


Your investment in a good commercial copier, printer, or scanner is extremely important to your business. The wrong decision can reduce productivity as well as cost you money. Here are a few things that can help make the right decision on a good commercial copier.

  1. What features are important to your organization? Do you scan large amounts of documentation? If so, a robust auto feeder is desirable. Do you staple many documents? If so, a stapler/finisher will be helpful. Do you use different paper sizes? If so, multiple paper drawers are a good idea.
  2. Printing speed. If you are an organization with a lot of employees using the copier, speed may be important to avoid lines and increase productivity.
  3. Paper capacity. If the copier is in constant use you don’t want your employees to constantly be loading paper. This is time-consuming and is the most common cause of a paper jam. A large capacity drawer may make sense.
  4. Copier security. This is important both for hacking and hard drive disposal. Look for a machine where you both overwrite and erase the hard drive at the end of a lease.

Hopefully these questions and concerns will help when you need to get your next machine.

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