Small business and color copies


These days the biggest growth area in the Copier industry is the growth of color copying/printing among small businesses. Whether you are a financial planner, restaurant, or distributor, your customers expect color output. It adds value to your presentation.

Here are some features you need to consider in a color copier/printer.

  1. Capacity and speed. You need a machine that can produce a good amount of output at a rapid pace. We recommend a copier with a quick warm-up, that holds a large amount of paper and prints at a relatively fast speed. You don’t want people wasting time waiting for output. Most color units we sell produce both color and black and white at around 30 pages per minute.
  2. Copy quality. Quality is paramount. You don’t want to hand a client a proposal that is less than impressive. This adds perceived value to anything you produce. A copier with 1200 x 1200 DPI should be more than enough. Our color copiers all fit the bill.
  3. Size of your commercial color copier. Depending on your space and budget this is also important. Stand-alone machines are generally more heavy-duty and cost-effective per output than desktops. Also, more expensive. We have both.

Hope these questions help you pick the correct machine

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