The Best Office Furniture Company in Morris County


companies in morris countyWhen it comes to companies in Morris County, the most successful office furniture person I know is my friend Glenn Marthens of Milton Terry Associates.

I have known Glenn for 20 years, and in that time he has designed literally hundreds of offices, and sold many thousands of pieces of furniture to companies in Morris County and all over New Jersey.

Being an expert on office furniture, I reached out to Glenn and asked him about where the best place is to place a copier in your office.

Glenn had some definite ideas about where to place a copier — and it’s not as easy as just placing it where it looks nice.  

There are several things to take into consideration when deciding where to put a copier:

  • Who will be using it, and where their desks are in relation to the copier.
  • Dispersing heat given off by the copier.
  • Not placing it too close to a window or AC/heating duct.
  • Being able to work around it without causing an obstruction.

Central Location
A copier needs to be in a spot where everyone can get to it easily and not have to walk too far. It also should not be in an area where it interferes with any employees doing their jobs

A copier should be out of the way, but not far from where everyone is located. Keep it off to the side but close to where employees are.

Avoid Windows, AC Units, and Heating Vents
It’s best to keep your copier away from anything too hot or too cold — such as an air conditioning unit/duct.

Also be mindful of heat generated from sunlight. Your copier should be out of direct sunlight because it could cause overheating and also ruin the paper.

Give Your Copier Room to Breathe
Your copier needs room to breathe, literally. A copier machine generates an exceptional amount of heat, and that heat needs to go somewhere.

With that being said, your copier should never be backed up against a wall because that’s where the fans are. If your copier is too close to the wall it will bottle in all the heat and potentially cause damage.

There should also be enough room for people to move around it. For example, there should be enough room for people to get to the copier from all angles in case you need to do something like clear a paper jam. Also, when repair man comes he can open it up and have space on either side.

The Perfect Place to Put a Copier
Glenn and I are both in agreement that the perfect place to put a copier is in its own little room. Even better, a room with a mail machine and a binding machine.

If you’re able to have a dedicated copier room with all necessary supplies on hand, that is best for both the copier and office productivity.

When it comes to the interior design of an office — from where to place a copier to finding the best chairs to complement your decor — there’s no one I trust more than Glenn Marthens of Milton Terry Associates.

For the best new and pre-owned office furniture in Morris County, visit Milton Terry.  

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