The Importance of Surge Protectors in a Copier Maintenance Program


Your copier/printer/scanner is a vital part of your office.  As with any piece of high-tech equipment, you should have some type of copier maintenance program, even if it is something as simple as a surge protector.

Copier Maintenance for Peace of Mind

With all of the recent power outages we have been experiencing, one cannot emphasize enough the need for surge protectors on all copier/printer/scanner equipment. Power surges can blow out circuit boards, cause error codes, and generally create problems. At Dean Office Solutions, LLC we sell a surge protector specifically made for office copier/multifunctional equipment. It is $125.00 and is guaranteed to protect your copier from power surges. This can help prevent an issue with your copier/multifunctional that could be expensive and cause lost productivity. There are also less expensive alternatives at stores like Home Depot.

A copier maintenance program with Dean Office Solutions, LLC can help you determine which product is right for you.  Something is better than nothing.

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