Toner Replacement Service Contract: Stop Worrying About Toner Costs Today!


toner replacement service contractA toner replacement service contract can help alleviate some of the financial burden that comes with ensuring your office has an adequate amount of toner on hand. As we all know, toner is notorious for racking up costs which could end up exceeding the price of the copier itself in the long run. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

With a toner replacement service contract you can have peace of mind knowing your copier equipment will be stocked with all the toner you need for a flat fee each month. These types of service contracts are typically offered at the point of sale, and can be extended for as long as you intend to lease and/or own the equipment.

It’s highly recommended that you sign up for a toner replacement service contract at the same time you buy or lease the equipment. Service contracts are a lot like warranties in the sense that if you don’t opt for one at the point of sale it can be difficult to acquire one afterward. Most companies won’t even consider offering such a contract after the fact, even if you originally acquired the equipment through them in the first place.

This can no doubt lead to a lot of frustration for business owners who find themselves spending way too much on toner. We empathize with you, and fully understand there are many legitimate reasons for not opting for a toner replacement service contract at the time of sale. Most companies underestimate the amount of toner they’ll go through in a month, leading them to believe they won’t get their money’s worth out of a service contract.

So what happens if, a few months down the road, you find yourself spending more on toner than you anticipated? Are you completely out of luck? The short answer is: it depends. For a longer answer, continue reading to learn about your options.

Toner Replacement Service Contract from Dean Office Solutions

In most cases, if a machine is older and we didn’t originally sell it, we can still offer a limited service contract. We offer three levels of service contracts that can help make your life easier.

Our base package is the silver service contract, which includes maintenance and travel time. If you’re in need of a toner replacement service contract, we recommend inquiring about our gold package. The gold package is the one you need because it includes service, travel time, and the all-important toner.

A step above the gold package is our all-inclusive platinum package, which includes everything we just mentioned plus all consumable items like drums and rollers. However, we can only offer that contract on machines that have been acquired through Dean Office Solutions. We cannot offer the platinum package on copier sold elsewhere because we don’t know the history of the machine, how well it has been maintained, and so on.

What we can give you is the exceptional service we’re known for through our gold and silver packages. Our rates are extremely fair and competitive. We encourage you to inquire today about our gold package — stop worrying about the cost of toner replacement cartridges once and for all.

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