Understanding Copier Maintenance Contracts


copier-maintenance-contractThis article deals with service contracts and maintenance contracts for copiers and multifunctional equipment. If you are a medium or high volume user you should always have some type of service agreement for your copier maintenance needs. Medium volume equates to a business that does 3,000 copies per month or more. If you are a low volume user a service contract makes sense if you need service more than twice a year.

What Type of Copier Maintenance Contract do I need?

At Dean Office Solutions, LLC we offer All Inclusive copier maintenance contracts on our new and reconditioned Kyocera, Konica/Minolta, Ricoh and Canon equipment. Our three popular offerings are:

  • Silver Service Agreement – Including labor and travel time
  • Gold Service Agreement – Including labor, travel time and toner
  • Platinum Service Agreement – Including labor, travel time, toner, consumables and parts. Consumables include toner, drum, developer, imaging units and rollers (everything except paper)

We can also customize a service agreement to include only the Gold Level (Parts & Labor or Only Labor & Toner.

The most popular are Silver (Labor Only) or Platinum (All Inclusive excluding paper). With a Silver contract, parts and consumables (toner, developer, for example) are additional.

The Platinum copier maintenance contract is generally offered on a unit bought new from a supplier. The supplier knows the approximate yield of the supplies and parts and in this way can offer a Cost Per Copy Program that includes everything to run the unit for a certain amount of copies.

Copier Maintenance for New Service Customers                   

Often when we sign a new service customer, it is more feasible to offer a Labor Only or Labor & Toner contract.  This is because we do not know how long the parts, developer, and imaging units will last.  Rather than replacing them to be able to offer the All Inclusive Contract, it makes the most sense for the customer to replace them when needed and go with a Labor or Labor & Toner copier maintenance contract.

At Dean, we will evaluate any unit we can service free of charge and advise you as to what copier maintenance contract makes the most sense for your individual situation.  Contact us for a free evaluation or sign up for our newsletter for more cost saving tips.

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