Used Copier Values


used copier valuesUsed copier values vary drastically compared to new units. With a machine that’s reconditioned you’re going to be able to get it for about half of what a new one would cost. Used copier values also vary depending on how they are acquired. You can buy a used copier outright, but they can also be leased, so if leasing a new machine is $200, leasing a used one would be about $100.

When you’re shopping for the best used copier values you don’t have to sacrifice price for after-purchase support. Many dealers will only service units that are bought brand new, but as far as service and supply goes at Dean Office Solutions, we treat used machines just like brand new machines.

Another benefit of used copiers is that you can, a lot of time, get extra features with a machine that’s pre-owned compared to getting the same machine brand new. If the extra features are already on the machine, we’re not going to charge extra for it. Whereas with a new machine every additional feature comes at an additional cost. Extra features can include things like fax, extra paper trays, stapler finish etc. You can enjoy these extras at no additional charge on a used copier.

Used Copier Values Depend On How They Are Acquired

If you’re comparing used copier values you may find that buying one from an individual would be cheaper than buying from a dealer, and there’s a reason for that. The used units we carry have been fully maintained by us, and acquired off lease.

When a lease comes to an end the usually customer leases a new piece. With the old unit we can either send it back to leasing company to be disposed of, or we can buy it from the leasing company to offer to customers at a reduced rate.

That’s how we acquire used equipment that we sell or lease to customers, but make no mistake, we won’t sell just any old piece of equipment. We determine what to buy back from the leasing companies based on usage. We pick and choose which machines we want to buy back from the leasing company and we only take back equipment with low usage.

The difference between buying a machine from someone you don’t know over the Internet, and buying one from us, is that we can guarantee you’re getting a quality unity. If you just buy a used copier from anyone you don’t know where it’s coming from, where it has been, or why they’re getting rid of it. We maintain all the used units we sell throughout their entire lifespan and can trace back the entire history of the used copiers we sell.

We only carry the best used machines with the least amount of usage. The last thing we want to do is sell a machine that causes trouble for customers. We stand behind these machines and guarantee they work. We’ll provide you with support after the purchase — if something goes wrong that needs to be fixed, we’ll replace your unit if it can’t be fixed right away so you won’t endure any downtime.

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