User Maintenance Tips for a Better Copier Experience


These user tips can help you have a better experience with any copier/printer

Purchasing a copier
  1. Keep the machines clean—especially the Slit Glass under the Automatic Feeder. Spots of Whiteout or dirt will appear as lines on your copies.
  2. Don’t overload the Paper Drawer. There is a loading line on all paper trays. Don’t go above the line this can cause jamming and may damage the machine.
  3. Don’t use low-quality paper. This can cause jamming and paper dust inside the machine.
  4. Don’t replace the toner cartridge if the copier gets lighter. Many customers think replacing the toner cartridge on a commercial copier will help with copy quality. It will not. You need a service call to darken the copies. This may help with personal copiers because the drum and charging system are in the toner cartridge. In commercial machines, it is just toner. The machine will tell you when to replace the toner.

I hope these tips are helpful. They are true of any commercial copier.

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