What is a Copier Lease Audit?


Most equipment in our industry is leased. Often copier lease contracts are misplaced or not kept track of in the busy day-to-day environment we all have to deal with. Unfortunately, office equipment leasing is not as easy to deal with as an automobile lease is. Often companies find themselves paying out on leases that should have been ended months or even years earlier. And many times these leases go into renewal and the small business is not even aware of this.

Importance of a Copier Lease Audit

Perhaps the most important service we offer at Dean Office Solutions, LLC is our free Copier Lease Audit.

Simply put, we take your information and analyze when the copier lease started, when is supposed to end, and what is included. This is especially important to small and medium-sized businesses that make up the great majority of our customers. Dean Office will then advise you on the best course of action for your business.

Example of a Copier Lease Audit

Recently I was asked to look at the office equipment leases of a local moving and storage company. They had limited information because none of the contracts were available. However, we were able to get the needed information with a monthly bill. We were able to discern which leases were still in effect and which should have ended. One lease should have ended years earlier. This small business had been paying $400.00 a month for 3 extra years. We were able to end the lease for $250.00 and purchase the equipment. If they had contacted us earlier they could have saved $14,000.00.

An office equipment Copier Lease Audit is a must for any company during economically lean times. Dean Office Solutions will provide this service at no cost to your company. What do you have to lose? Contact us today to get yours.

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