What to do When Your Copier Company Goes out of Business


copier companyThere’s no question about it, it’s a challenge to stay relevant as a copier company in 2015. With the business world changing as quickly as it is, we regularly run into situations where some of our competitors can’t change with the times.

From time to time one of our competitors will close up and their customers suddenly find themselves without a service providers.

Recently a copier company in Ledgewood, NJ closed their doors. Whether you were a customer of theirs, or any copier company in NJ, we’d hate to see you wind up with nowhere to go for service.

The question is: what do you do when your copier company goes out of business?  

At Dean Office Solutions we have been able to help quite a few customers who find themselves in a situation where there copier company has recently gone out of business and they need to find a new service provider.

In these situations, when customers turn to us were are able to service most major brands, and are able to pick up service on machines and equipment we did not initially sell.

What makes us one of the longest standing copier companies in NJ is that our technicians are trained to service whatever you have. In the majority of cases we can get people the service, supplies, and support needed to continue using their current multifunctional copier in the event that anything should go wrong with it.

Here’s an example of how we were recently able to help a customer who’s copier company went out of business. We had a situation where we had a competitor of ours leave the business. One of their accounts was a large car dealership — all of their office equipment was new and needed to be maintained.

We helped the car dealership keep their office equipment running in peak condition by servicing the equipment on a time and materials basis.

No matter what the equipment, where you got it from, or how long you’ve had it for — we are always happy to help maintain and/or repair it on a time and materials basis.

In some cases we may even be able to offer some sort of service contract. At Dean Office Solutions we frequently pick up service accounts when someone buys a machine off of lease, and the company who sold it is no longer able to service it.

In summary, the short answer to “what do you do when your copier company goes out of business?” is: you bring it to us!

If your copier company recently left the business we’d be happy to service the equipment on a time and materials. If you were on a service contract with your previous copier company we can look into the option of taking over the contract.

To continue getting your equipment serviced after your NJ copier company went out of business, please contact us to discuss what we can do for you.

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