What You Need to Know About All in One Printers

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There are 2 types of All in One Printers (Office Machines that Copy, Print, Scan & Fax) Ink Jet & Laser Printers.

Ink Jet Printers (All in Ones) use Liquid Ink that is Spayed on the Paper. They are widely used for Photos. They are less expensive to buy than Laser printers but more expensive for Supplies (Ink). Generally they are slow & less likely to be used in an office environment.

Laser Printers use a Dry Powder Toner applied to a light sensitive Drum & fuses the toner to the paper with heat & pressure. Laser Printers (All in Ones) are generally more expensive to buy but cheaper to supply. They have more features: Additional Paper Trays, Heavy-Duty Feeders, Sorting Capabilities. They are generally faster & do a good job with Business Type (Line Printing).

An example of an Inexpensive Ink Jet All in One is the HP Office Jet 5260 that costs around $ 200.00. The problem is if you are doing more than 10-12 copy/prints per day, low usage it is very expensive. The Ink costs nearly as much as the machine & the yield is low. It uses a Black & a Tri Color Ink that when 1 color runs out you need to replace the cartridge. This costs 12-15 cents per black page & 30-40 cents color. Very Expensive.

A better machine is the Brother Ink Jet 6945DW cost approx.. $ 300.00. Ink costs 9 cents per page Black & 25 cents Color. This machine even has a 50 sheet Document Feeder for Scanning & Copying.

If you are not making more than 15 Copy/Prints per day the 6945DW is a machine worth considering.

If you make what I call a Medium Amount of Copies between 15- 40 copy/prints per day there are several Brother Laser All in One Printers I can recommend.

The Brother 6750DW Black & White for about $ 600.00. The Brother 9570CDW Color for approx.. $ 800.00. These machines are reliable & not too expensive to supply. The toner is approx. 4.5 cents per page Black & 15 Cents Color.

I carry Commercial All in Ones for people doing higher home usage (over 40 copy/prints per day). For home use there are 2 type New Desktop Units & more heavy duty Off Lease Reconditioned Stand Alone Units.

I recommend the Kyocera Ecosys M2540DW for a desktop Commercial Black & White unit. This machine sells for $ 900.00 & does Copy/Prints for 1.5 per page.

As far as Color the Kyocera Ecosys M6630cidn desktop is a heavy-duty commercial unit that costs $ 1,600.00. Outputs are 1.5 cents black & 7 cents color.

I would recommend these Commercial Machines for folks doing 40 or more copy/prints per day or around 1,000+ per month.

As far as Off Lease Stand Alone Units if you are doing volume (up to 10,000 per month) you may want to consider something off a 3 year lease. We recondition (replace Drums, Rollers, Fuser) and sell or lease with a Service/Supply Contract in most cases. As far as size they all are a Cube Approx 2 Foot by 2 Foot and sit on a cabinet for the proper height. Bob Michie has one in his basement.

These units vary in price. Most are leased. You can lease a Black & White with an All Inclusive Service Contract for 1,000 copy/prints per month for $ 79.00 per month.

A Color Unit with 1,000 Black & 250 Color for $ 99.00 per month.

All pricing quoted excludes NJ Sales Tax.

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