What’s The Best Copier?


copier-leasing-njEvery day I’m asked who makes the best copier — but truthfully, that’s a difficult question to answer. The best copier for my needs may not be the best copier for yours, because every business is different.

When it comes to comparing copiers, many of them are equal in a lot of ways. For instance, all manufacturers make both black and white or color machines. Copiers from all manufacturers have speeds ranging from 10 copies per minute, to 110 copies per minute.

With that in mind, singling out the best copier really depends on picking out the best machine in a particular speed range, because that’s the greatest differentiator between them. Beyond that, it all depends on what you want out of one of these machines.

Finding the Best Copier For Your Needs

When people ask me what’s the best copier, the first thing I do is try to find out what their needs are because a lot of these machines do more than just copy. Some people like to copy a lot of thick paper stocks, some people do a lot of scanning, many people want to use a copier just to copy, and for others the primary use of the machine is for printing.

That being said, finding the best copier depends on the applications that are important to you as the end user. That’s why it’s important for you as a customer to shop at an experienced office equipment company, like Dean Office Solutions.

I have been in the copier business for over 30 years, so if you ask me what the best copier is I can steer you in the right direction depending on what you want to accomplish.

We carry several brands at Dean Office Solutions, and no one single brand is better than another for all purposes. In some cases I would recommend a Kyocera machine, in other cases I would recommend a Sharp machine — in other instances I might even recommend a reconditioned Konica Minolta.

Selecting the best copier comes down to how you’re specifically going to use the machine and, of course, how much money you want to spend.

Before going into a store and asking what’s the best copier, I recommend first figuring out what you want to accomplish with a new machine. Then, determine what your output is like on your current machine.

Bring that information into the store with you, or even just pick up the phone and give me a call, and from there I can help you maximize the value and efficiency of your next copier by finding a machine to meet your output needs  with the best combination of speed and overall price.

If, after doing all your homework, you’re still not sure what the best copier is for your needs then there are solutions available to keep you from committing to something long term. Look into our copier leasing solutions, where you can take home a copier for a year or two to see if it’s truly the best one for your needs.

For all other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me using the contact form on the right hand side.

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