Why is Toner So Expensive?


printer-933098_640 (1)Why is toner so expensive? The simple answer is because copier companies who sell inexpensive machines need to make their money somewhere else. Typically, the less a machine costs to buy, the more expensive the toner is going to be. So if you’re racking your brain trying to figure out why is toner so expensive it might be time to take another look at the type of equipment you’re buying.

These days you can buy a multifunctional color machine for less than 100 dollars at any electronics store. If you go that route you’ll end up spending as much or more than the machine itself when it comes time to refill the toner. That’s why the machines are sold at such a low price in the first place. Copier companies know that once you buy in to owning the machine, you’ll be stuck having to buy the toner for it as well. So if it feels like you’re getting a good deal, you’re just going to end up spending more in the long run.

Let’s put money aside for a moment and think about the other reasons why buying an inexpensive machine with expensive toner is a bad business decision. Machines that are sold at major consumer electronics stores are built for individual or home use. They are not built to meet the demands of an office. If you’re a low volume user, which is who these machines are designed for, then the toner might end up lasting you a year or longer. If you’re a high volume user then you’ll probably find yourself always running out of toner on a consumer machine. If you’re always asking why is toner so expensive, then the reason why you’re going through so much might be because you’re using the wrong type of machine for your printing and copying needs.

Why is Toner So Expensive? It Doesn’t Have to Be…

If you do any type of volume printing, such as 500 copies per month or more, you should really be purchasing a commercial machine, or leasing one with everything included. When leasing a commercial machine you can get parts, labor, and toner included in one monthly price. With a copier leasing program like ours you never have to worry about the cost of toner again. With our zero down leases you do not even have to pay anything upfront and when you calculate how much you’ll be saving each month on toner you’ll see that leasing a commercial machine is an affordable solution for your business.

Even if you don’t purchase or lease a commercial machine with any kind of service plan, refilling the toner is still relatively inexpensive. When you pay more for the machine you can expect to pay less for toner. The opposite is also true, as inkjet printers are by far the cheapest machines you can buy but the most expensive to refill. So, why is toner so expensive? Because that’s where companies make their money as far as consumer equipment is concerned. Consumer printing and copying machines have become so cheap to buy that companies need to make money elsewhere.

Toner doesn’t have to be expensive. Contact me today to see how we can set you up with an affordable leasing plan with all toner included.

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