Wireless Printing and Scanning for the Wireless Office


wireless printingLately we have run into several situations where customers are setting up a small or even a not so small office. This could be a Medical Group, Law or Accounting Office or any type of organization. Everyone these days gets some sort of wireless internet access and of course you have printing/copying; and these days scanning needs.

Wireless Printing is Not the Future; It’s the Present

With our mobile workforce many people want to bring laptops in and out of the work environment. Printing and scanning on the go becomes important. Some devices are made to work wirelessly , others are not. At DEAN OFFICE SOLUTIONS we can easily get you printing and scanning wirelessly through your internet router with ALL your multifunctional copy, print, and scanning equipment.

If you have a non-wireless multifunctional copier, printer, scanner with the help of an inexpensive device we can connect the copier, printer, scanner to your wireless internet router and in that way enable wireless printing and scanning for all your computers that can access the internet. A good sized office can easily be set up in no time.

Don’t be left behind the curve. Contact Dean Office Solutions for a Free Consultation for a Wireless Office today.

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