Canon vs Ricoh: A Tough Comparison Between Two Leading Brands


canon vs ricoh

In this next installment of comparing office equipment manufacturers, we are looking at Canon vs Ricoh. These are both major brands and both make good machines, though Canon has a bigger name in the industry due to how well recognized it has become.

Other brands are not far behind though, and working in the copier industry I can tell you that Ricoh is perhaps more ubiquitous than Canon. Personally, I’m partial to Ricoh because of how familiar I have become with its machines over the years.

Ricoh is one of the unsung heroes of the copier industry. More and more people are leasing Ricoh machines because they’re starting to understand they can get a fantastic multifunctional copier for less than the cost of the “big guys.” Parts and consumables for Ricoh machines can be very inexpensive as well— they’re the cheapest to run as far as toner goes.

With Canon, you end up paying more for the machine itself, as well as Canon copier repair service, because of the name. Canon feels it can command a higher price due to name recognition, not necessarily because it offers better products. However, there are certain use cases where spending the extra money for a Canon machine may be worth it to you.

Canon vs Ricoh: When A Canon Machine is Worth the Price

As far as color machines go, you simply cannot beat the quality of a Canon color copy. Canon is a company which has built its name off of producing high-quality images, and it really shows in its color copiers.

The average user will certainly be satisfied with the color copies from a Ricoh machine— but if your business needs to produce the absolute best color copies money can buy then you should look toward Canon.

Canon can also output your color copy jobs faster, with top speeds reaching up to 60 pages per minute. Comparing Canon vs Ricoh, a top-of-the-line Ricoh copier can output around 50 pages per minute. When it comes to mid-range commercial machines the difference is less noticeable, with Canon outputting around 22 color pages per minute compared to Ricoh’s 20 pages per minute.

If you’re in the market for a strictly black and white machine then there is even less difference between Canon vs Ricoh, besides cost. You can safely choose between either Canon or Ricoh and be assured you’re getting a reliable, efficient machine.

On the other hand, if you need the highest quality color reproduction, and have a larger budget to work with, then Canon is the best choice.

In Summary: Canon vs Ricoh

With Canon, you are getting an industry-leading product, one that has the best color copy output in the industry. Canon commands more money for its machines and Canon repair, though you don’t necessarily need to pay that money depending on your needs. Other machines, like Ricoh, are so close in terms of quality that it might not be worth extra money.

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