Cost Per Copy Programs For HP Printers


cost per copyDean Office Solutions is happy to offer cost per copy programs for HP printers, as well as CPC programs for HP copiers and multifunctional units. Traditionally, without a CPC program in place, customers who purchase HP printers would pay for service when needed.

Now we are able to offer a program where you pay a small fee per page used to cover the cost of virtually everything you’ll ever need throughout the lifespan of your printer. This includes service, supplies, parts, and so on. The cost of everything will be covered for one low cost per copy.

Benefits of Cost Per Copy Programs

You’ll find that a cost per copy program not only makes things more convenient, but it gives you peace of mind. You’ll never have to worry about your machine breaking down and having to pay for service, nor will you ever have to worry about paying for supplies.

We can guarantee that when you go with a cost per copy program you will be getting the absolute best service and supplies available. Why? We want to keep your machine running in top condition, because if it breaks down we have to either fix it or replace it.

It’s important to note that our cost per copy programs are only offered on laser printers. HPs are the most popular brand for laser printers, which is why cost per copy programs are primarily offered for that brand.

Other Services For HP Printers

Fixing HP Printers
If you’re not on a CPC program we’re still happy to fix your HP printer when it’s worthwhile to do so. Truth be told, it’s not always worthwhile.

We’re able to fix HP printers of any type, even “throwaway” models which are basically ink jet printers and entry level laser jet printers that are sold at bargain prices .

Here’s some advice on when it’s worth it to fix your HP printer. We recommend that you do the math and consider whether or not its worth it. Often times you’re better off buying a new model.

Maintenance Services
Another one of the things we’re proud to offer is printer maintenance service. Whether you’re on a CPC program or not, we can help you maintain your printer so you can continue to have a reliable machine.

Our printer maintenance service is conducted by replacing a number of kits in the printers that will inevitably not work as well over a certain period of time. We also offer printer maintenance service that involves reconditioning older machines that may be having problems with toner, problems with fusing to the paper, or problems with feeding the paper out of the machine and into the tray.

Dean Office Solutions Has You Covered

As you can see, we have a number of solutions available to keep your HP printer running in peak condition. We highly recommend a CPC program, but are still happy to offer service and maintenance without a CPC program in place.

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