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cloud document storageCloud document storage makes it possible for you and your colleagues to access, share, and work on documents from anywhere. Not long ago we used to rely on one single work computer to get us through the day. Now we may have a work computer, a home computer, a smartphone, a tablet, and so on. Cloud document storage allows you to work on a file at home, edit it on your tablet during your commute, and have it waiting for you on your work computer when you arrive.

If you have been following my blog posts lately you’ll see I’ve discussed digital document management management before, but cloud document storage takes it a step further. This involves not storing documents on a physical device like a hard drive or memory card; it involves storing documents on an Internet server.

Essentially, when documents are stored in the cloud they live on the Internet, which means accessing them is like accessing a web page. The main difference is that cloud documents are much more secure, being stored in an online environment which can be restricted to only you and your colleagues. Here are some of the top reasons why cloud document storage is becoming an essential business solution.

The Benefits of Cloud Document Storage

Access Your Files Anytime, on Any Device
Cloud document management eliminates the need to search through cabinets and folders for the file you need. Finding a file in the cloud is like finding a file on your computer. In addition, you’ll always have your documents with you since they can be retrieved from any device. Not only can they be retrieved, but they can be worked on from any device. The changes you make while working on a cloud document on your laptop will be saved next time you open that document on your phone, for example.

Better Collaboration
When documents are stored in the cloud your team can access them and work on them just as easily as you can. Passing physical documents back and forth can be a hassle. Even emailing documents back and forth can be a hassle. Storing documents in the cloud makes it easier and more effective to collaborate on projects, which could lead to enhanced productivity and greater output. In addition, it also reduces time spent looking for documents which means more time spent working.

Security and Reliability
The cloud is secure and reliable. Physical documents are only as secure the location they’re being stored in. Meaning if there’s a break-in or natural disaster, your documents could be lost. Storing documents on internal servers is more secure, but could still be compromised in a hack or network breach. Storing documents in the cloud ensures they’re encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized individuals. In addition, they’ll never be lost or damaged because cloud data is backed up and can be recovered.


If you’re thinking of going paperless, storing documents in the cloud is an excellent solution. For more about digital document management, we recommend reading some of our recently published articles:

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