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Lease or Buy: Making the Right Decision for Your Business Copier Machine!

When it comes to acquiring a copier machine for your business, one important decision awaits: should you lease or buy? Let’s explore the factors to consider for making the right choice!   Leasing: Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness   Buying: Long-Term Investment and Ownership  Ultimately, the decision to lease or buy a copier machine

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What is a Copier Lease Audit?

Most equipment in our industry is leased. Often copier lease contracts are misplaced or not kept track of in the busy day-to-day environment we all have to deal with. Unfortunately, office equipment leasing is not as easy to deal with as an automobile lease is. Often companies find themselves paying out

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A Color Copier or Black & White?

Customers who have always leased or purchased black and white copiers should ask themselves if a color/black and white multi-functional Copier/Printer/Scanner may make more sense. Years ago, a color copier was several times the cost of a black-only unit! Also if you wanted to use it to print that was

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