Author: Aubrey Egerter

Lease or Buy: Making the Right Decision for Your Business Copier Machine!

When it comes to acquiring a copier machine for your business, one important decision awaits: should you lease or buy? Let’s explore the factors to consider for making the right choice!   Leasing: Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness   Buying: Long-Term Investment and Ownership  Ultimately, the decision to lease or buy a copier machine

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Uncompromising Security: The 8 Essential Capabilities of Sharp Printers 

In an increasingly digital world, ensuring the security of sensitive information is paramount for businesses. When it comes to printing solutions, Sharp printers stand out for their advanced security capabilities. With a focus on protecting resident information, securing communications, and implementing company-wide policies, Sharp printers provide businesses with peace of

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Small business and color copies

These days the biggest growth area in the Copier industry is the growth of color copying/printing among small businesses. Whether you are a financial planner, restaurant, or distributor, your customers expect color output. It adds value to your presentation. Here are some features you need to consider in a color

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What is a Copier Lease Audit?

Most equipment in our industry is leased. Often copier lease contracts are misplaced or not kept track of in the busy day-to-day environment we all have to deal with. Unfortunately, office equipment leasing is not as easy to deal with as an automobile lease is. Often companies find themselves paying out

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Copier Lease Rates

Copier lease rates at Dean Office Solutions are extremely competitive. In fact, the entire industry is fairly competitive, which is why there has never been a better time to lease a copier or multifunction machine. There’s a good reason why copier lease rates have never been better; leasing is an attractive

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A Color Copier or Black & White?

Customers who have always leased or purchased black and white copiers should ask themselves if a color/black and white multi-functional Copier/Printer/Scanner may make more sense. Years ago, a color copier was several times the cost of a black-only unit! Also if you wanted to use it to print that was

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Email Security

Our blog here at Dean Office Solutions will now include articles that deal with the full range of office technology issues, not just copiers and printers. What follows is information concerning something all of us business people use every day: Email and the need for email security.  To begin, here

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