Electronic Document Imaging / Scanning

The Benefits of a Heavy Duty Scanner

Eventually there comes a time for a business when their document scanning needs exceeds the ability of a multifunctional unit. This is when you need a dedicated heavy duty scanner that can provide the extra performance needed for heavy scanning demands. When should you consider investing in a heavy duty

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The Brief History of Copy Machines

So it has come to my attention that a lot of people are interested in the history of copy machines. How were they invented? When were they invented? When did they start becoming a part of every day life? We certainly have some curious customers, and to be honest I

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The Best Office Furniture Company in Morris County

When it comes to companies in Morris County, the most successful office furniture person I know is my friend Glenn Marthens of Milton Terry Associates. I have known Glenn for 20 years, and in that time he has designed literally hundreds of offices, and sold many thousands of pieces of

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Your Choice For Sharp Copier Solutions

Sharp Electronics is one of the premier manufacturers of Office Copiers & Multifunctionals. Whether you need a Color Copier/Printer or just a Black & White, Sharp copiers have you covered. Along with making a good choice in a manufacturer picking your service provider is very important. At Dean Office Solutions,

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Digital Document Management

If you’re interested in digital document management, one thing you should know about us is that all of the commercial machines we sell will all scan right out of the box. Digital document management is a standard feature on commercial machines because it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to

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Mac Compatible Printers

All printers, regardless of the computer you’re setting it up on, require drivers to communicate between the device and operating system. If you’re searching for Mac compatible printers the only thing that makes any difference is the drivers. A Mac requires different drivers than a PC. Years ago, it may

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How to Scan a Document

I’m getting questions more often lately from customers wondering how to scan a document. Almost every commercial machine available today comes with the ability to print, copy, fax, and scan. In a lot of cases, customers buying a commercial machine for the first time also suddenly find themselves with the

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Copier Problems

Still, the biggest of copier problems that people have nowadays is paper jams. Nine times out of ten, paper jams happen when you overfill the paper drawer. Let me tell you, overfilling the paper drawer is something that doesn’t happen by accident. One of the biggest copier problems, paper jams,

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Copier Maintenance, Servicing & Repair

Printing Cost Per Page

When you’re talking about printing cost per page there are two categories: black & white copies, and color copies. Whether a page is being printed in color or not is the greatest differentiator when it comes to printing cost per page. On a commercial copier, which is exclusively what we

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